Africville Museum

The Story of Africville

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The Africville Museum, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, serves as a poignant testament to the vibrant, tightly-knit community of Africville, which thrived on the shores of the Bedford Basin from the early 19th century until its controversial demolition in the 1960s. The museum, situated within a replica of the community's original church, offers visitors a profound insight into the life, resilience, and spirit of the Africville residents, whose heritage and contributions to Halifax's cultural and social fabric are often overlooked. Through a carefully curated collection of photographs, documents, and personal artifacts, the museum not only commemorates the community's struggles and injustices but also celebrates its legacy of strength, community, and determination. Visitors to the Africville Museum will be moved by the stories of its residents, the challenges they faced, and their ongoing fight for justice and recognition.

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No, advanced booking is not required.

Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Saturday, 10am- 4pm

5795 Africville Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 2R9
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The Africville Museum as seen from a distance.Two guests of The Africville Museum read an interpretive panel located just steps from the museum, which is off to the distance to the right.